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We collaborate with a certified IRS agent

Without sending your physical passport

Private support 24/7

Start your financial life in the United States

Official ITIN 2 payments of $75.00

You will only pay the second payment once you receive your ITIN number.

Secure payment with SSL encryption

No additional or hidden charges

Personal Support 24/7

ITIN certified with the IRS.

Complete Official ITIN $149.00

Maza will take care of all the paperwork and deliver the ITIN by email and physical mail.

Secure payment with SSL encryption

No additional or hidden charges

Personal Advisor 24/7

ITIN certified with the IRS.

Your key to a future full of possibilities in the United States

With your ITIN Number in hand you will improve your chances of accessing:

Greater access to history of credit, credit cards and bank loans.

Create your own LLC and own your own business

Buy a house and fulfill your dream of owning property

Perform a tax declaration

Get certified in various professions and work as a contractor (Depends on the state)

100% Safe 100% Reliable

Do not process your ITIN Number in person or be left without your passport!

With Maza, you process your ITIN in just 4 steps and from the palm of your hand:

Make the payment through our website

In order to help you get ahead, we have the lowest price compared to the competition. If we don't give you your ITIN we will refund your money.

Download the Maza app

Create your account using the same email with which you made the purchase. And continue the process from the Maza app from the comfort of your home

Attach a clear scan of your passport.

You will not have to send your physical passport unlike other processors. Just attach your passport, digitally, sign and that's it!

What is MAZA?

Maza is a banking service backed by Blue Ridge Bank, NA, Member FDIC. And it is associated with an IRS-certified acceptor to process your ITIN Number in the safest and most efficient way.

With MAZA you can:

Open a bank account* with just your passport without the need for an SSN or ITIN.

Receive a physical VISA debit card instantly.

Process your Itin Number without sending your physical passport.

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There are thousands of Latinos who get ahead in the United States thanks to MAZA.

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An ITIN is a Personal Taxpayer Identification Number that allows you to declare your taxes but does not grant you a work permit, although many employers or companies request an ITIN to work.

You can deposit in your Maza account* or you can do it through a payment link that will allow you to pay with a credit or debit card that you already have.

Processing times with the IRS can vary and is usually under 15 weeks to process your application and deliver the ITIN to you. Although this period may seem long, we want to assure you that we are committed to providing you with a fast and efficient service. We are in constant communication with the IRS to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner and that you can obtain your ITIN as soon as possible.

Since you already have your Maza account*, you need to present your passport scanned in color with the best resolution and some forms that we will fill out for you, you just have to sign it.


An ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, it is a number used for tax processing, available to certain people who cannot obtain a Social Security number (SSN).

You can deposit funds into this account* in several ways:

Connecting your direct deposit

Connect a separate bank account

Payment apps like Cashapp, Venmo or Paypal

Making cash deposits at authorized ATMs of the Allpoint Network

Depositing a check