The key to your financial life in the USA

What is the ITIN, what is it for and why is every Latino without social security getting it?

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What is the Itin Number?

It is the most important document for a Latino in the United States, since it provides many of the benefits of a Social Security Number, even being undocumented. The Itin is a nine-digit Tax ID that was created for immigrants who do not meet the requirements to have a Social Security Number, and you can obtain it regardless of your immigration status.

Why should every Latino get their ITIN Number?

We all deserve a Financial Life in the United States and access to basic benefits. Purchasing an ITIN is a way to start your journey today.

Obtaining an ITIN empowers individuals to achieve financial independence and build a stable financial future. It provides the freedom to manage your finances without relying solely on cash transactions or high-interest loans.

Building credit and renting can be more affordable with an ITIN. Many mortgage lenders and homeowners accept ITIN holders, making the dream of owning a home or renting a reality for those without a Social Security Number.

Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers can take advantage of an ITIN to establish and grow their businesses. With an ITIN, they can apply for business licenses and comply with tax obligations as business owners.

Obtaining an ITIN is one way that people who may have the opportunity to legalize their immigration status and become US citizens can show that they have 'good moral character'.

The easiest and simplest way to process your Itin Number.

The ITIN process itself is extensive - you have to apply through the IRS page, send your physical passport by mail, and have a job with income. However, processing your Itin Number with Maza is much easier and simpler:

  • We fill out all the documents for you.
  • You do not send your physical passport, but a good scan of your passport.
  • It does not require having a job (we open a bank account that pays you income)
  • Ready! Maza will process your application and the IRS will issue your ITIN Number between 7 and 14 weeks.

But what is it?


Maza is a US banking service associated with Visa and the FDIC (through Blue Ridge Bank, Member FDIC) and is associated with an official IRS acceptor.