Our Mission

Opening the path to the US financial system for our clients at the push of a button, rather than from walking through a maze.

The Team

Maza's team is composed of engineers, designers, support members, and product visionaries from all walks of life but with a singular purpose: to bridge financial access for our customers.

The First Generation

The founders of Maza are children of immigrants who arrived in the United States with great heart but without access to foundational financial services. They are building the platform that their parents needed.

Opening the path to the US Financial System

Maza is the operating system for immigrants in the US, and we start by opening the path to the US financial system.

Robbie Figueroa, COOLuciano Arango, CEOSiggy Bilstein, CTO

Robbie, a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, spearheaded the rapid growth of tech companies in the US and Latin America. As GM of DoorDash Puerto Rico, he expanded the company's LatAm business, propelling it to become one of DoorDash's fastest-growing markets.

Luciano, a serial tech founder who has exited two enterprise software companies, co-founded a successful consumer startup incubator with Robbie, generating viral consumer apps lauded by CNN, Buzzfeed, and NY Times.

Siggy, an experienced engineering manager, played key roles at Attentive and LinkedIn, driving platform launches and team expansions. He previously co-founded a consumer startup dedicated to taking protecting the lives of elders in the US.
Together, they combine diverse expertise in scaling consumer businesses, supported by their multicultural backgrounds.

Our Values


Independence. We empower our clients to take control of their finances and unlock the services they need to make it in this country.


Simplicity. Simplify financial services, tax filing and ITINs. We want to ensure you can access financial services as easy as seamless as possible.


Transparency. Aside from health, personal finance is the most delicate piece of a customer's life stack. Maza only succeeds if customers trust us to make their life better, not worse.

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