Accessing insurance for undoc­umented individuals
A health insurance and care guide: importance, benefits, and how to get covered
  • Insurance is essential for all, regardless of legal status
  • There are many benefits to health insurance for people in the US
  • Many states offer free or low-cost health insurance to undocumented persons
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Why is insurance so important?

Insurance is crucial for everyone regardless of legal status. For undocumented individuals it can provide a much-needed sense of security for health and wellness. Most importantly, it helps protect against unexpected events like accidents and medical emergencies, offering financial security when it's needed most. Here's why insurance matters, its benefits, and how to get coverage even without an SSN.

Benefits of insurance for undocumented individuals:

Benefit 1: Medical Coverage

Health insurance allows access to medical care without worrying about high costs. It's essential for staying healthy and getting help when needed.

Benefit 2: Financial Protection

Insurance helps with expenses from accidents or damage, preventing financial strain.

Benefit 3: Legal Compliance

Some types of insurance, like auto insurance, are required by law. Having insurance means following the rules and avoiding penalties.

Benefit 4: Peace of Mind

Knowing you have insurance can reduce stress and let you focus on other parts of life.

How to get insurance as an undocumented person:

People without legal documentation can obtain health insurance in many states. A major requirement to obtain health insurance is to provide proof of residency. An ITIN can help you do this. Read on for more details on healthcare programs for undocumented:


California has its own state-funded health insurance program called Medi-Cal, which provides coverage to low-income residents, including undocumented immigrants under the age of 26. Additionally, California has expanded access to its health insurance marketplace, Covered California, for undocumented immigrants to purchase private insurance plans with their own funds. Check it out here


Illinois offers a program called the Illinois All Kids program, which provides comprehensive health insurance coverage to all children in the state, regardless of immigration status. Additionally, Illinois offers access to prenatal care for pregnant women regardless of immigration status. Get started here

New York

New York offers a program called the Essential Plan, which provides low-cost health insurance coverage to low-income residents, including undocumented immigrants who meet certain eligibility criteria. Get started here


Oregon provides coverage for emergency medical services to undocumented immigrants who meet certain eligibility criteria through its Emergency Medical Services System (EMSS) program. Get started here


Washington State has its own health insurance program called Apple Health (Medicaid), which provides coverage to low-income residents, including undocumented children. Additionally, Washington offers a state-funded program called the Alien Emergency Medical (AEM) program, which provides limited emergency medical coverage to undocumented adults who do not qualify for other types of coverage. Check it out here

Any questions?

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It's important to note that eligibility criteria, coverage options, and program availability may vary, and individuals should check with their state's health department or relevant agencies for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, the availability of health insurance for undocumented immigrants may be subject to change due to shifts in policy or funding.